System  "AMYCARD 01C" is based on noninvasive activation cardiac mapping. This method became possible due to development of the unique AMYCARD software. This technique is conceptually similar to a CT scan, and allows obtaining in noninvasive way the electrophysiological data on both epicardium and endocardium that can be of equal or even superior importance if compared with the results of the intracardiac electrophysiology studies.

 The main advantages of the method:

  • High accuracy topical diagnostics of cardiac rhythm disturbances.
  • Decision-making for challenging ablation procedures

Principal steps in  activation mapping of the heart:

  • Synchronous recording of unipolar electrocardiosignals (up to 240 leads) from the surface of the chest and in 6 standard leads.    
  • Computer processing and analysis of  the multichannel ECG recording data and the computed tomography data.
  • Computed tomographic study of the chest in the region of the heart.


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