System for Noninvasive Cardiac Electrophysiology Studies AMYCARD 01C is an active noninvasive medical device for short-term use, which is intended for acquisition, analysis, display and storage of cardiac electrophysiological data and maps for analysis by a physician.

Clinical functions

Non-invasive activation mapping of the heart allows determination of spatio-temporal dynamics of electrophysiological processes in myocardium of auricle and ventricles and determination and localization of activation sources. Thus, it is possible to carry out an accurate topical diagnosis of heart rhythm irregularities. Initial data for activation mapping includes:

·        results of multichannel ECG registration (up to 224 leads) on patient’s chest surface along with ECG registration in standard leads

·        results of patient’s heart and chest CT examination

·        results of patient’s heart and chest MRI examination

               Multichannel ECG body surface mapping consists  of  synchronously  recording unipolar electrocardiograms at a variety of points on  the surface of  the chest, visually depicting the  ECG  recording  results  in  the  form  of  isopotential  and  other  isoparametric  maps,  and diagnostically  interpreting  them.  ECG body surface mapping finds its limited use in diagnostics of heart rhythm irregularities, predictions of  life-threatening  ventricular  tachyarrhythmias,  and  in IHD.  ECG  body  surface  mapping  methodology  is  considered being more  informative  than  standard electrocardiography  in  12  leads. However,  its  diagnostic  value  is  inferior  to  that  of  epicardial mapping  based  on  the  solution  to  the  inverse  electrocardiography  problem.  ECG  body  surface  mapping  methodology  does  not  require   a  CT or MRI study of the heart, since a mean model of the human torso is used for mapping.

The System is aimed for use in cardiological, cardiosurgical and arrythmological departments of hospitals, cardiological centers, scientific and educational medical facilities and other institutions of an appropriate field.

The operation of this system in any other areas of application is possible only in research mode.



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